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About Me


My name is Rich and I am a 2012 media graduate and filmmaker. My interest in filming grew out of my university course where I worked on a project to promote Saltaire village, which was eventually shown on the BBC's Big Screen in Bradford in 2010. I have produced well over 700 videos since ranging from short promo ads and performances to full concert and service videos.

Since 2011 I have run and maintained a YouTube channel for Wakefield Cathedral where I have been a volunteer in various forms since 1999 and full time staff since 2014. My first major project involved relaying live video of services into a portion of the Cathedral where the congregation’s views were obstructed during services during their 2012 building work. I also led a group of volunteers who helped me to do this and the whole experience gave me an interest in covering anything that happens live, which has become my specialist subject. I also produce weekly highlights and videos of full services and concerts, which have enabled me to develop my skills and continue to improve. I was also commissioned to document and highlight the Cathedral’s Project 2015 renovations, which has seen half of the historic building closed for a full year.




Over the years my style has evolved considerably. When I started in 2011, Church video channels were scarce and all had the same back pew camera angle with ropey audio. I wasn't much better than this, but I was always interested in integrating broadcast TV elements into my videos such as lower thirds, a crawl along the bottom of the screen listing upcoming events, watermarks, and the glossiest intros I could come up with. In recent months I have toned down on this, having ditched the idea of title sequences that waste the viewers time and have created one lower third and intro graphic that I can adapt for wherever we are on the Church calendar. My goal was that these elements make us look different than other Church channels of which there are now many, and there is indeed no channel that has presentation like mine. In 2016 I set myself the goal of gaining 10 new subscribers and 10,000 new video views on YouTube thinking that this would be a lofty challenge. By June I had acomplished this, and ended the year with 22 new subscribers and around 24,000 video views. In 2017 I doubled these goals again and I'm thankful for every click.

Outside Wakefield Cathedral I have filmed for a number of local organisations including The Mill Outlet in Batley, a couple of primary schools in Bradford and Carleton Court care home in Pontefract. In my early years I also filmed three Bollywood performances for Trishool Dance Academy, African music and performances for a number of local choirs and Irish folk singer Paula Ryan. My work has been shown primarily online, but also has been shown on national news media (The VAT Ditty's) and made for DVD (Trishool's Special Thaali, Blockbusters), as well as more recently in the doorways of Wakefield Cathedral showing highlights of events and advertising upcoming ones. I have also produced some videos for Castleford Male Voice Choir for their website, as well as a charity performance for the Fairburn Singers. Occasionally I also film Weddings, entering the one area I was told never to go into.


Here is my most recent showreel, which was produced in July 2014